How do I register for future releases at Silver Creek?2024-04-19T12:31:10+13:00

Simply visit silvercreek.co.nz and click on the ‘Register Your Interest’ button. Your details will be added to our confidential database, which means you’ll receive email updates  about future section releases as they come to market.

How much deposit will I need to purchase a section?2024-04-19T12:31:58+13:00

Once you choose to purchase a section, a deposit of 10% of the total purchase price is required.

Why are there Design Control Guidelines?2024-04-19T12:32:55+13:00

Design Control Guidelines are in place to ensure all home and land owners at Silver Creek share the vision of a high quality residential development, while also protecting the land’s natural environment, views and mountainside character.

Why are there covenants on the title?2024-04-19T12:33:34+13:00

Covenants are in place to ensure that Silver Creek remains a high quality and cohesive living environment where your neighbours share the same vision for quality housing and landscaping as you do. The covenants deal with certain matters between neighbours (such as type of use and tree height) or with Queenstown Lakes District Council (such as access to Council infrastructure and services). Before purchasing, it’s important to ask your solicitor to review these covenants and consent notices.

What services are available on each lot?2024-04-19T12:34:12+13:00

All lots will have access to QLDC reticulated service for water and sewerage. Electricity and telephone/broadband will be provided to the boundary of each lot. Please note: reticulated gas is not available due to the location of the sections.

Can I design a two-storey house on my section?2024-04-19T12:34:38+13:00

Yes, you can build a two-storey house, as long as it is in accordance with the Design Guidelines.

Can I build two units on one section?2024-04-19T12:35:01+13:00

No, however you can choose to build a home with an attached rental apartment/flat. The property cannot be unit titled or subdivided.

Am I able to have a wood burner or an outdoor fire/BBQ in my home?2024-04-19T12:35:29+13:00

Yes, you will be able to have a wood burner inside your home. You can also have an outdoor Fire/BBQ area on your land, as long as it complies with the rules.

Are there any body corporate levies or any annual fees payable?2024-04-19T12:35:55+13:00

No, just Queenstown Lakes District Council and Otago Regional Council rates.

Who will take care of the roads and reserves?2024-04-19T12:36:20+13:00

The Developer, along with Queenstown Lakes District Council, will be responsible for looking after the roads and reserves throughout the Silver Creek development.

Are there any restrictions on keeping pets?2024-04-19T12:36:44+13:00

Yes, to protect the native birdlife populating the area, there are restrictions on having cats at Silver Creek. Dogs should be walked on a leash for the same reason.

Is there a set timeframe for building my house?2024-04-19T12:37:00+13:00

Yes, you need to build within four years from the issue of title. Once construction has begun, the build must be completed within 24 months.

Are there any restrictions on landscaping around my home?2024-04-19T12:37:21+13:00

Yes, all homes at Silver Creek must adhere to the Design Control Guidelines, which stipulate both the amount and type of landscaping required. This is to ensure a cohesive and attractive natural environment for all residents.

Should I take legal advice prior to signing the Sales and Purchase Agreement?2024-04-19T12:37:37+13:00

Absolutely. we recommend purchasers always take legal advice prior to signing any legal documents.

Can I purchase more than one lot?2024-04-19T12:37:54+13:00

No, Silver Creek is limited to one registration, one deposit and one section.

Can I build a home and use it as a show home?2024-04-19T12:38:08+13:00

No. Only approved display homes/show homes can be used for this purpose.

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